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Our Philosophy

It sounds so simple but if you want to get the best out, you have to put the best in. Every step of our farming process from the sustainable natural grazing fields, to the free range lifestyle, and humane care is done in the best possible way. It’s about respect at every step and the funny thing is, it’s nothing new. It’s the way farming used to be done and it’s the reason our meat has such a sought after flavour. 

Our butcher, Rainer Raschbichler, takes great care to ensure that this respect is carried through into the butchery. His nose to tail approach means carcasses are broken down by hand with as little waste as possible. From there all the meat undergoes hanging and aging before packaging. Rainer’s goal is to make sure that every piece of meat reaches the shelf in the best possible condition. Sure it’s a little harder and sure it takes a little longer, but the results speak for themselves. 

Our Butcher

This is Rainer Raschbichler. He’s our fourth generation artisan butcher and he practically grew up in a butchery.

Under the watchful guidance of his certified Fleischmeister father, Rainer was trained in the old school ways of butchery. He’s also a trained chef and worked in the kitchen for eight years before joining the Werf Butchery. It’s safe to say Rainer knows his way around everything meat, be it cuts or cooking techniques. This understanding ensures an ethical nose to tail approach that makes use of the whole animal. As a chef-turned-butcher, Rainer has the edge when it comes to culinary questions. Feel free to ask him for advice on cuts, cooking tips and seasoning secrets.


Our Meat

All of the meat produced on Boschendal is free range and free from pesticides, antibiotics and stimulants. Any additional meat is sourced from ethical suppliers.

As well as supplying Boschendal’s restaurants, our butchery supplies some of finest restaurants and delis in the winelands. Our butchery is located on the estate and has a small retail shop. The shop has built up a reputation for outstanding steaks and biltong amongst the locals. We also have a small retail section in the Boschendal Oudebank outlet in Stellenbosch.


Black Angus Beef

Our Black Angus beef project has been a true labour of love. It is certified grass fed beef and it’s easily recognised by its yellow fat. The secrets to the project’s success are exceptional pastures, a stress free lifestyle and time. Unlike commercial beef which is slaughtered at 12 months, our animals live to at least 3 years. This gives the time needed to achieve prime marbling in the meat.

Each carcass will hang for a minimum of 2 weeks on the bone to develop flavour. From there the carcass is broken down into sub-primal cuts and hung for 6 weeks at a controlled temperature. This allows for further flavour development as the natural enzymes break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Special cuts like rib eye, sirloin and rump are dry aged even longer. Again time and patience are a big factor here but the rewards are worth it. The quality of meat is exceptional with the ideal balance of flavour and tenderness.

Free Range Chickens

We’re extremely proud of our mobile free range chicken project. By day our chickens roam the pastures eating grasses, organic feed and scratching for grubs. By night the chickens rest in their mobile trailers where they are safe from predators. The trailers are routinely moved around the farm to ensure even grazing patterns. Our chickens are free from hormones.

Forest Raised Pork

Our forest pig family are the newest addition to our farming projects. They spend their days foraging freely in the Poplar forests. They also dine on surplus produce from our garden and a steady stream of acorns from our many oak trees.

Karoo Lamb

We supply ethically raised and certified Karoo lamb - the genuine article.


Our Range

  • Nose to tail cuts of Black Angus grass fed beef.
  • Free range chickens and eggs.
  • Free-range pork.
  • Certified Karoo lamb.
  • Black Angus beef biltong.

Butchery Orders

Please contact us for a current product list. Due to our practice of nose to tail butchery, our stock on hand may vary. For special orders please pre-book at least 24 hours in advance.


Butchery: 021 870 4264
(Butcher not always available to take call)

Opening Times:

Monday - Sunday: 09:00 - 20:00

Kindly take note that we are not halal or kosher.


Explore The Boschendal Estate

Weddings & Functions

Boschendal provides an idyllic natural setting for large and small functions. The Boschendal Manor House, Rhone Homestead, The Olive Press, the Werf Restaurant and the beautiful gardens are available to host an array of celebrations or events in a relaxed and tranquil environment.

Our Wines

Given our exceptional winemaking heritage of almost 300 years, the Boschendal cellar masters meticulously balance rustic tradition and modern innovation to produce classic, fruity wines while upholding the ecological integrity that has become synonymous with our brand.


Guest accommodation is a recent addition to the farm with luxury accommodation ranging from the historical Herbert Baker designed Rhodes Cottage to beautifully restored farm labourer cottages. With emphasis on stylish simplicity the guest cottages are authentic, rural yet contemporary in character.