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Heritage Day Asian BBQ Sirloin Braai Dish

You can’t have a Heritage Day braai without a premium cut of grass-fed Black Angus sirloin on the fire.

Basted in our popular Asian BBQ sauce from the Boschendal Farm Shop, this sirloin will melt in your mouth. Chef Allistaire adds baby onions, charred on the fire to enhance the sweet and smokey flavours of this dish. Show off your skills this Heritage Day with a special braai dish and you just might find yourself hosting braai day every year.

Our sirloin pairs perfectly with our popular Black Angus red blend. This Shiraz-led blend takes its name from the bloodline of the Black Angus cattle, roaming on our farm. The wine is full-bodied with hints of black pepper and cherry on the nose and a rich and complex palate.

This interesting and captivating wine is Shiraz – based (59%), rounded off by Cabernet Sauvignon (25%), Merlot (11%) and Malbec (5%). This is the original ‘Estate Blend’ of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon that Boschendal launched in the 1980’s under the Grand Reserve label, but our winemaking team decided to introduce some complexity and intricacy to the blend. The addition of Merlot and Malbec adds the style and sophistication you’ve come to expect from our award-winning wines.

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