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Terms & Conditions


1. Pricing and Deposits
1.1. Pricing
1.1.1. In regard to payment in foreign currency for functions, the ZAR exchange rate at time of payment will
1.1.2. All rates, unless otherwise specified, are inclusive of VAT.

1.2. Deposits
1.2.1. For contracts concluded more than 6 (six) months prior to the event, the following deposits are
required to confirm the booking of the venue: Full venue hire charge to be paid upon booking confirmation;; The remaining total on food and beverage to be paid in full 30 (thirty) days prior to the function to
confirm the venue (this will include the final confirmation of final number of people and liquor
requirements as well as a confirmation of the itinerary for the conference or function).

2. Payment requirements
2.1. Booking is provisionally secured once the venue hire charge has been paid. Authorization may be given
for Boschendal to deduct a deposit from recognized credit cards.
2.2. Boschendal will issue a final statement to the client on the day at the end of the function which will be
payable upon presentation, without deduction or set off. The cost of all drinks, phone bills and any
additional charges must be settled on departure.
2.3. Queries on the final statement will not entitle the client to delay or withhold payment of the balance of
the final statement.
2.4. All payments are to be made in cash or by EFT or by direct deposit to the account of Boschendal.

Bank Nedbank
Acc Name Boschendal Hospitality (Pty) Ltd
Acc no 1141172127
Branch Tygerberg Winelands
Branch Code 198765

2.5. Boschendal has credit card facilities and can accommodate payments made on budget.
Boschendal Hospitality (Pty) Ltd | Registration No: 2002/023534/07 | VAT No: 4170209326
Boschendal | P.O Box 25, Groot Drakenstein, 7680 | Tel: +27 21 870 4200 |

3. Attendance Numbers
3.1. The final attendance numbers and venue allocation must be made at least 30 days prior to the
confirmed function date. A 10% allowance to number changes will be permitted up to 14 (fourteen)
days prior to the function. No changes will be accepted to numbers thereafter and Boschendal will
charge for the agreed attendance numbers. The charges of the confirmed numbers will still be honored
on the day of the function regardless of the number decrease on the given day.
3.2. Additional covers will be charged for at the agreed rate;
3.3. The client is responsible for ensuring the maximum capacity of the venue is not exceeded.

4. Additional Services
4.1. Co-ordination service: A range of support services is available through Boschendal’s recommended
suppliers. The services of our management and co-ordination team are available to clients throughout
the planning stages of their functions. This service covers ongoing consultation and the final execution
of the function. Clients are free to make their own choices outside of our supplier database, should
they so require.
4.2. Should clients require Boschendal to provide quotes, book any extras and
co-ordinate or order any additional services a 10% service fee will be charged.
4.3. Service providers are required at all times to remain in the venue of operation (i.e. access is restricted
to that particular venue only); to wear a visible name tag, or similar, on which their company/employer
is also identified; to adhere to all health and safety legislation; to take all measures to prevent any
damage and ensure the safety of all persons; and to minimize noise.
4.4. In the event that flower arrangements and/or décor is organized by clients, the client will be held
responsible for any damages that might occur. The service provider or any other person appointed and
designated by the client will be responsible not only for the punctual set up but also the lighting of
candles and checking that the desired ambience is created. Only fresh flower petal confetti is
4.5. Boschendal staff are not authorised to assist any service provider or any other person with the carrying
or movement of decor or flowers whether before, during or after the function. All decorative items are
required to be fire repellent. Boschendal will not be responsible for décor or flowers damaged or found
to be missing during the function or thereafter.
4.6. Decor (including candles) and flowers are to be removed no later than 09h00 the day after the
function date failing which Boschendal will dispose thereof of as it sees fit, and any costs incurred
thereby will be for the account of the client.

5. Provision and operation of standard equipment
5.1. Boschendal provides certain standard equipment depending on the type of function and venue that the
client books. This will be itemized in the client’s quote. The provision of Boschendal's standard -
furniture and equipment is at no extra charge. It is the client's responsibility to ensure prior to the
function that the equipment to be supplied is satisfactory. Any additional equipment not listed can be
hired by clients at an additional charge.
Boschendal Hospitality (Pty) Ltd | Registration No: 2002/023534/07 | VAT No: 4170209326
Boschendal | P.O Box 25, Groot Drakenstein, 7680 | Tel: +27 21 870 4200 |
5.2. The standard equipment may only be operated by Boschendal staff members or its appointed
5.3. Any additional equipment required and to be utilized may only be brought into the venue with prior
written approval of Boschendal management.
5.4. Technician services will be charged on an hourly basis if such services are requested. The hourly rate will
depend on the nature of the technical services requested by the client.

6. Food and Beverages
6.1. Menu selection:
6.1.1. A wide variety of choice menus are offered and are served subject to quality and seasonal
availability. No food or beverages other than those provided by Boschendal as part of its catering
services may be brought onto the premises for consumption.
6.1.2. Boschendal is flexible and open to discussion should a client have any enquiries. Menus must be
finalised 21 (twenty-one) days prior to the function. No changes are available on the day of the
6.1.3. Boschendal can cater for special dietary needs. Please ensure that the Executive chef and
management have been made aware of any allergies that any guest/s may have. Kosher and Halaal
meals are outsourced for supply by reputable establishments and may be supplied, upon request at
the time of the client’s enquiry, at an additional cost. The client must place orders for special meals
at least 21(twenty-one) days prior to the function. Boschendal does not take any responsibility for
late requests.
6.1.4. Boschendal reserves the right to have its Executive Chef select the menu should the client not
meet the deadline for the finalization of the menu.
6.1.5. Boschendal reserves the right to adjust menu prices and options, subject to availability at the time
of the function. Any changes resulting in additional costs will be disclosed to the client as soon as
reasonably possible and will be billed to and paid for by the client.
6.2. Beverage Selection:
6.2.1. All prices quoted include VAT and are subject to alteration. The confirmed prices will be supplied on
final quotation. All bar prices are subject to change and stock is subject to availability.
6.2.2. Only Boschendal wines may be served at any function on the Estate. Please see our wine list for
6.2.3. We require clients to brief us not less than 21 days before the function with regard to their
requirements for the provision of a cash bar, full bar or wine and malt bar on their account.
6.2.4. A pre-estimated provision for bar consumption of R 100 per person is included in the quotation.
This is an estimate only and will be amended to reflect actual consumption signed off by the client
and the client will be liable to pay all such amounts as reflected in the final statement.
6.2.5. Clients are welcome to set a ceiling on the total bar spend for their account. In order to maintain
control of this account, we are willing to supply a regular estimation of the bar account during the
Boschendal Hospitality (Pty) Ltd | Registration No: 2002/023534/07 | VAT No: 4170209326
Rhone Homestead, Boschendal | P.O Box 25, Groot Drakenstein, 7680 | Tel: +27 21 870 4200 |
6.2.6. An updated list of normal bar prices is available on request.
6.2.7. Any changes to the bar requirements at any stage must be confirmed in writing not less than 14
days before the function.

7. Final Arrangements
7.1. All arrangements in respect of the function, the venue and the services must be finalised and
communicated in writing to Boschendal by the client at least 14 days prior to the commencement of
the venue hire period.
7.2. Failing such final arrangements, Boschendal shall be entitled, at its sole discretion, to make the
necessary arrangements on behalf of the client, at the client's sole expense.

8. Set-Up and cut off times
8.1. Boschendal will set up the function venue with our standard settings. Should clients require external
suppliers to set up equipment, they must confirm a suitable time with Boschendal management. All
room set-ups must be finalised one month before the function.
8.2. All deliveries must be addressed to the Boschendal Operations Team and must be delivered at a prearranged
time prior to the function.
8.3. Changes to the seating and equipment (standard and additional) requested by the client may be
charged for by Boschendal at the cost incurred.
8.4. Screws, nails, panel pins or similar may not be driven into any walls, floors, partitions or doors and the
use of Prestik or double-sided tape is prohibited. No painting or gluing is permitted on any surface in
any venue.
8.5. No item of equipment or structure of whatever nature may be suspended, leaned against or balanced
from any part of any balustrade, pillars, ceiling, light fittings or railings in any venue.
8.6. Plugs, light sockets or distribution boards may not be tampered with in any way.
8.7. Boschendal's liquor license requires all functions to end by not later than 02h00. Any extensions
would require prior special consent from the Liquor Board to be obtained by the client.
8.8. Standard venue hire charges or after hour charges will be taken into consideration if the client requires
the venue the day before any function to set up. Any prior arrangements must be made in writing with
Boschendal Management.
8.9. Parking is available for vehicles on site at no cost. We can arrange transport by luxury minibus from a
central point. Costs are negotiable.
Boschendal (Pty) Ltd | Registration No: 2002/023534/07 | VAT No: 4170209326
Rhone Homestead, Boschendal | P.O Box 25, Groot Drakenstein, 7680 | Tel: +27 21 870 4200 |

9. Staff
9.1. Waitrons:
9.1.1. In order to ensure the guests’ relaxation and comfort during any function, waitrons are employed to
attend to their every need. Our recommendation is
1 waitron per 10 guests for a sit down meal and 1 waitron per 20 guests for a cocktail or buffet
function. This will be charged at an additional cost of R 50
per waitron per hour.
9.1.2. Service charges or gratuities are are not added as part of the final bill by Boschendal and all service
charges or gratuities will be in the client’s discretion.
9.2. Additional Staff
9.2.1. An additional fee of R 50 per hour per staff member will be charged for staff for a lunch function
after 17h00.
9.2.2. An additional fee of R 50 per hour per staff member will be charged for staff for a dinner function
after 24h00.
9.2.2. Sundays and Public Holidays will include a surcharge per hour per staff member the rate for which is
dependent on the size of function and the number of staff used.

10. Boschendal's rights as regards allocation of venue
10.1. Boschendal reserves the right, should the need arise, to allocate to the client a venue other than the
venue previously allocated to the client.
10.2. In so doing, the nature of the function will be taken into account and, where appropriate and in
Boschendal’s discretion, the pricing will be adjusted accordingly.

11. Clients responsible for attendees' conduct
11.1. Boschendal provides facilities for several functions which may take place simultaneously.
11.2. Clients are accordingly required take all reasonable steps to ensure that all attendees at their function
conduct themselves in an appropriate and considerate manner and respect the rights and property of
other parties making use of Boschendals venues / facilities.
11.3. Boschendal reserves the right of admission in regard to any employee, guest, agent or other person in
connection with any function held at any of its venues / facilities.

12. Restoration after the function
12.1. Prior to vacating the venue clients must, at their expense, ensure that the rented space and equipment
has been restored to its original condition. In the case of exhibitions, this includes cleanliness of the
12.2. In the event that repairs are required in respect of damage caused to the venue or any equipment these
must be completed within 14 days of the end of the function at the cost of the client and by
contractors approved by Boschendal.
12.3. Failure to do so may result in the damage being repaired by Boschendal, in which event the cost will be
charged to the client.
Boschendal (Pty) Ltd | Registration No: 2002/023534/07 | VAT No: 4170209326
Rhone Homestead, Boschendal | P.O Box 25, Groot Drakenstein, 7680 | Tel: +27 21 870 4200 |
12.4. Repairs impacting on the availability of the venue may result in additional charges to the client.

13. Cancellation and Postponement by the Client
13.1. Notice of cancellation of a function must be given to Boschendal management in writing by the client
and the reasons for such cancellation must be given therein.
13.2. In the event of cancellation of a function by the client, Boschendal will be entitled to impose a charge
for the cancellation, having regard to the nature of the function; the length of notice of cancellation
and the prospects of Boschendal being able the secure an alternative function for the venue on the
function date. In this regard:
13.2.1. In the event of cancellation of the function within the period of 2 months prior to the function date, a
cancellation charge of up to the amount paid by the client in respect of the venue hire may be imposed;
13.2.2. In the event of cancellation of the function within a period of 1 month prior to the function date, a
cancellation charge of up to the full amount quoted for the function including food charges and special
food orders may be charged;
13.2.3. In the event that attendee numbers are reduced by more than 10%, it will be deemed that the client
has cancelled a part of the function and the cancellation charge may be imposed up to an amount
equivalent to all costs incurred by Boschendal in respect of that part of the booking that is deemed
13.2.4. In the event that the client cancels an order or booking in respect of special order supplies after such
order or booking has been placed by Boschendal, the client will be liable for full payment thereof.
13.3. Postponement of a function by the client will be subject to the following provisions:
13.3.1. If circumstances arise which render it necessary, a client may postpone the whole or any part of the
function to an alternative date acceptable to Boschendal.
13.3.2. The client must as soon as possible give Boschendal written notice of any intention to postpone, the
reasons for the postponement and the proposed date to which such function is sought to be postponed.
13.3.3. The client will be liable to pay all costs incurred by Boschendal in respect of the booking or the part of
the booking that is being postponed. Any amounts paid by the client to Boschendal as at the date of
postponement shall be retained by Boschendal and shall be applied in respect of the new function date.
13.3.4. The client will not be entitled to postpone a function indefinitely or without a fixed new function date
acceptable to Boschendal and any notice purporting to postpone a function on that basis will be
deemed to be a cancellation of the function by the client.

14. Joint and Several liability of clients
14.1. If the client comprises more than one person or entity, the obligations of those persons/entities under
the contract and their liability to Boschendal in respect of any claims arising will be joint and several.
14.2. It is the clients’ responsibility to ensure that they are all familiar with the terms of the contract and that
they and any of their appointed agents and any attendees of the event comply with such terms.
Boschendal (Pty) Ltd | Registration No: 2002/023534/07 | VAT No: 4170209326
Rhone Homestead, Boschendal | P.O Box 25, Groot Drakenstein, 7680 | Tel: +27 21 870 4200 |

15. Boschendal's right to terminate or cancel the contact
15.1. Boschendal shall have the right to terminate the contract:
15.1.1. If, in its opinion, the venue cannot be utilised for the intended function as a result of any damage or
destruction, or shortage of labour, strikes, industrial unrest, or any other cause beyond the control of
Boschendal. In such event, Boschendal will endeavour to find an alternative venue. If this is not
possible, Boschendal will refund any amounts paid by the client in respect of the function.
15.1.2. If, in its opinion, the client intends using the venue for a function other than the one specified in the
contract; or the function may lead to breach of peace, acts of violence or possible damage to
Boschendal or its venues; or the function may be in contravention of any legislation; or the nature of
the function is undesirable; or the client is placed under provisional or final sequestration/liquidation or
under business rescue. In such event, Boschendal will be under no obligation to find an alternative
venue and will be entitled to off-set costs incurred by it in preparation for the function against any
amounts paid by the client in respect of the function and refund the balance to the client.
15.2. If the client breaches any term of the contract, including failing to make payment of any amount due
under the contract within the time specified, and the client fails to remedy such breach within 5 days
after receipt of written notice from Boschendal to remedy, Boschendal shall, without prejudice to its
other rights, have the right to cancel the contract and claim damages for any loss suffered by it as a
result of such breach and cancellation. In such event Boschendal shall be entitled to retain any amounts
paid by the client in respect of the function pending the final determination of its damages by a court
of competent jurisdiction.

16. Force Majeur
16.1. If Boschendal is prevented for any reason beyond its control from complying with its obligations in
terms of the contract, the client shall have no claim of any nature against Boschendal arising out of any
failure to stage the function.
16.2. Boschendal shall however, in such event, endeavor to secure alternative facilities for the function.
16.3. Boschendal shall not be responsible for any interruptions of water, electricity, sanitary services and the
client shall have no claim of any nature against Boschendal arising therefrom.

17. Damage to and loss of Boschendal property
17.1. Any damage caused to the venue, or damage to, or loss of, furnishings, utensils and equipment during
the function are the responsibility of and will be made good by the client. The client will be liable for the
acts or omissions of all attendees at the function and their respective officers, agents, assistants,
employees, invitees or sub-contractors while at the venue, including, without limitation, any damage
caused to the venue and/or the facilities and any failure to comply with the client’s obligations.
17.2. The details of any damage and the cost thereof will be recorded in the final statement.
Boschendal (Pty) Ltd | Registration No: 2002/023534/07 | VAT No: 4170209326
Rhone Homestead, Boschendal | P.O Box 25, Groot Drakenstein, 7680 | Tel: +27 21 870 4200 |

18. Boschendal's liability
18.1. Whilst reasonable steps will be taken to ensure the safeguarding of the client’s property and attendees’
belongings, Boschendal will not be liable for loss or damage to such property and/or belongings
whatsoever (including décor props, wedding gifts, valuables and vehicles). It is recommended that all
personal and valuable property be removed directly after the function.
18.2. Boschendal and its employees or any person contracted by it at any function will not be liable for any
injury to persons, whether due to negligence or any other cause whatsoever.
18.3. The client acknowledges that all persons invited by the client to the venue for the function, enter the
venue and utilize the facilities entirely at their own risk and that Boschendal, its officers, employees,
agents and sub-contractors shall not be liable or responsible for any loss, liability, damage, accident
and/or bodily injury or death arising, directly or indirectly, out of or in connection with the function or
the Venue and facilities, save where the loss, liability, damage, accident and/or bodily injury or death
was due to the gross negligence of Boschendal, its officers, employees, agents and sub-contractors or
where Boschendal is liable for such loss, liability, damage, accident and/or bodily injury or death in
terms of section 61 of the Consumer Protection Act.
18.4. No advice, recommendations or opinion given in good faith by agents or employees of Boschendal or
third parties associated with Boschendal shall give rise to claims against Boschendal.

19. Safety and Security
19.1. The client is required to comply with all existing safety and security legislation which is enforced at
19.2. The client is required to ensure the safe working practice of any contractors engaged by the client.

20. Confidentiality
20.1. During the period of this contract and thereafter, Boschendal will maintain confidentiality in respect of
confidential information of the client to which Boschendal has access while assisting with preparing the
20.2. Confidential information will include, information concerning the business affairs, research, proposals,
projects, finances, properties, methods of operation and any other confidential information relating to
the client.
20.3. Boschendal shall, subject to the aforegoing, have the right to publicise past, current and future
functions unless specifically requested not to do so by the client.
21. Client Agents
21.1. Should the client appoint an agent/s act on behalf of the client in respect of the contract and matters
ancillary thereto, the contractual documentation shall be signed by both the client and the agent/s and
shall be deemed to have been accepted by and shall be binding on the client and the agent’s, who shall
be jointly and severally liable, as co-principal debtors, for the due and proper performance by the client
of all of the client’s obligations under the contract.
21.2. The client's agent/s shall under no circumstances be deemed to be the agent of Boschendal.
21.3. Payment of any amounts by the client to the agent shall not constitute a payment to Boschendal.
Boschendal (Pty) Ltd | Registration No: 2002/023534/07 | VAT No: 4170209326
Rhone Homestead, Boschendal | P.O Box 25, Groot Drakenstein, 7680 | Tel: +27 21 870 4200 |

22. General
22.1. In the event of there being any increased costs or charges in respect of the Venue or the function,
including, without limitation, increased Eskom charges, catering charges, etc, Boschendal reserves the
right to adjust the costs accordingly and the client will be liable to pay all such amounts as reflected in
the final statement.
22.2. Should there be any increase any related taxes or obligatory taxes (such as tourism levy), Boschendal
reserves the right to increase the quoted rates with a minimum of the tax/levy increase applicable to
22.3. These terms and conditions relate to matters which may have a financial impact on the parties entering
into the contract. A client who is a consumer as defined in the Consumer Protection Act is entitled to
the protection afforded to consumers under the Consumer Protection Act.
22.4. These terms and conditions constitute the whole agreement between the parties as to the subject
matter contained herein and, no agreements, representations or warranties between the parties
regarding the subject matter hereof other than those set out herein are binding on the parties, and no
addition to or variation of or any waiver of any right arising herefrom shall be of any force or effect
unless reduced to writing and signed by all the parties or their duly authorised representatives.
22.5. Should the client wish to use the Boschendal’ name, logo or any form of branding in advertising or
promoting the function or on invitations to functions, the Client is required to send the final proof of
such material to Boschendal for written approval prior to going to print.
22.6. The contract shall be subject to the laws of South Africa.
22.7. In the event that any dispute arises between the client and Boschendal, both parties consent to the
jurisdiction of the Magistrate's Court notwithstanding that the action or proceedings may otherwise be
beyond the monetary jurisdiction of the said court. Nothing herein is intended to preclude either party
from taking any dispute to any court, tribunal, commission, ombud or other body of competent
Boschendal (Pty) Ltd | Registration No: 2002/023534/07 | VAT No: 4170209326
Rhone Homestead, Boschendal | P.O Box 25, Groot Drakenstein, 7680 | Tel: +27 21 870 4200 |
[Once completed, please scan and email this and a copy of the deposit slip to the Boschendal management at to confirm your reservation and quote the reservation/reference number.]
I/We, the undersigned:
(Please print full names of all parties involved)

  •  Hereby confirm and acknowledge that the conference function sheet and the above Terms and Conditions

together constitute this contract;

  • Hereby confirm that I/we have read and understand and accept the above Terms

and Conditions;

  • Hereby authorise Boschendal to debit the credit card referred to hereunder with the

applicable charges and costs pertaining to the function as may be payable by me/us, unless other written
arrangements acceptable to Boschendal for such payment have been made with Boschendal management.
Credit card holder ID number
Credit card Number Expiry date
CVV number Bank details
Signed by the client at ________________________ this ____ day of _____________.
Client: ____________________________________
Witness: ____________________________________
Name: ____________________________________
Tel: ____________________________________
Signed by Boschendal at Groot Drakenstein this ______ day of ___________________.
For Boschendal: _____________________________________
Witness: _____________________________________
Name: _____________________________________
Tel: _____________________________________

Explore The Boschendal Estate

Eat & Drink

The Cape Dutch farms were historically renowned for their warm welcome and generous hospitality. What crowned this welcome was the Cape table, laden with wholesome dishes made from ingredients from the farm’s werf and fields.

Weddings & Functions

Boschendal provides an idyllic natural setting for large and small functions. The Boschendal Manor House, Rhone Homestead, The Olive Press, the Werf Restaurant and the beautiful gardens are available to host an array of celebrations or events in a relaxed and tranquil environment.

Our Wines

Given our exceptional winemaking heritage of almost 300 years, the Boschendal cellar masters meticulously balance rustic tradition and modern innovation to produce classic, fruity wines while upholding the ecological integrity that has become synonymous with our brand.