About The Farm

At Boschendal, we celebrate the past, present and the future.


Inspiring ways of living that regenerate nature and actively support communities to thrive, through an exceptionally unique South African experience.


To be a pioneering and ethical village, setting a global benchmark. Through wow-factor guest experiences and knowledge acquisition, we enable more connected ways of living that celebrate life and support the wellbeing of each other and the planet.


Charged with taking Boschendal into the future is CEO, Georgie Davidson. A strong generalist with a tourism, transport and hospitality background. Her focus will be on building depth in leadership and ensuring opportunities for growth and development of the team and our community. We will also be exploring opportunities around diversification on both the farm and the hospitality offering and bringing the unique Boschendal farm offering to the market and to grow the already strong global brand.

The Future of Farming

Boschendal recognised early on that you can’t have a business without sustainability built into the heart of it.

As such, we have worked hard to become pioneers of regenerative and sustainable agriculture, where robust thinking and unending commitment have been ploughed into building resilient and regenerative farming methods. Here, the goal is to work with nature, not against it, and to create a viable Boschendal for all its people and communities. 

This is why everything we do on the farm is rooted in sustainability, underpinned by a variety of vast operations, small-scale activities, long-term projects, and everyday choices we make as a business.