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Making a positive impact on our environment, uplifting our local community and building a sustainable agricultural farm which can flourish for generations to come is at the core of what we believe at Boschendal.

Boschendal is located within the Cape Floral Kingdom (CFK), the richest and also the smallest plant kingdom on the planet.  Recognised both as a global biodiversity hotspot and a World Heritage site, this plant kingdom has come under increasing threat from agriculture, urban development and invasive alien species.

Key to our commitment to the conservation, preservation and restoration of our special environment is biological and regenerative farming practices that enrich the soil and promote a habitat of biodiversity both in the vineyards and surrounding vegetation.


Four ways Boschendal aims to be sustainable:


Improving soil quality
We have grown our herd of pasture raised Black Angus cattle to more than 950. The cows improve soil quality by trampling manure and other decaying organic matter into the soil, turning it into rich humus. To further improve the quality, free range, pasture fed chickens in mobile units called chicken tractors follow the cows. As well as producing nutritious eggs for guests, they spread cow manure thereby further fertilizing the soil.

This, as well as various other projects to improve soil quality - the use of cover crops to boost natural compost production, minimising the traditional use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, using the drill technique rather than ploughing the soil, extensive, and using a bio char that turns agricultural waste into a natural soil enhancer - have resulted in a significantly improved soil quality across the estate.


Environmental restoration
Key projects here include reducing water use through intelligent irrigation and the use of
bio char; the clearing of 450 hectares of invasive alien vegetation; and the establishment of a conservation area. The estate is also actively increasing its use of sustainable energy: the farm is in the development phase of generating sufficient solar power to meet the estate’s energy needs.

The Boschendal hospitality team is decreasing its footprint by minimising food miles and food waste, as well as using composting and agri-landscaping.



Social and economic upliftment
We have a strong belief in long-term employment opportunities and education as tools to bring about social improvement. The estate has created 350 new jobs in the past three years alone and this has had a significant impact on the local community.

We have partnered with Solms-Delta to establish an early childhood development pre-school on the farm with the intention of providing a quality educational foundation for local children. There are 60 kids enrolled Klein Handjies with the expectation for this to grow to 120 by year-end.

Boschendal also supports the AITSA Aftercare Centre in Kylemore, 105 primary school children attend the centre.

Together with Solms Delta we support the appreciation and development of traditional winelands
music  through the Music van de Caab Project – our involvement with this music development
program includes help with practice facilities, equipment and the putting on of performances.


Small business development
Linked to the social upliftment, a key part of our sustainability model is empowerment initiatives aimed at nurturing entrepreneurs from surrounding communities. The entrepreneurs are helped with an initial Boschendal market for their product or service, start-up finance, business guidance, accounting, admin and marketing support.

Among the small business supported and based on Boschendal are:

  • Silvermine Protection Services, a security and guarding company.

  • Integri Eggs, a pasture-raised chicken and egg business.

  • Classic Furniture, a furniture-making business

  • Boschendal MTB Hire, a mountain bike rental and tour business.


Read more about our sustainability initiatives:

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Key sustainability initiatives:

Klein Handjies Pre-School

Boschendal has established an early-childhood development centre (a pre-school facility) on the farm. The centre provides quality learning for pre-school children, 60 of whom from the local communities are currently enrolled in Klein Handjies School. The enrolment will be increased to 120 by the year end. The children are fed a nutritious meal each day, prepared by the Boschendal chefs, using fresh produce from the farm.

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Music Development Program

We support the development of traditional winelands music through the Music van de Caab Project – our involvement with this community centered music development program includes help with practice facilities, equipment and the putting on of performances.

Biological and Regenerative Farming

Key to our commitment to the conservation, preservation and restoration of our special environment is biological farming practices that enrich the soil and promote a habitat of biodiversity both in the vineyards and surrounding vegetation.

A substantial portion of protein served at Boschendal is from free-range animals raised on our pastures, not only does this reduce food miles but it also contributes significantly to the productivity of the soil reducing the need for traditional fertilizer programmes.

We use cover crops in the vineyards. Cover crops not only help enrich the soil considerably but they also inhibit weed growth, help with the control of pests and manage soil erosion. Cover crops significantly preserve soil moisture thereby saving considerable water.

Minimum Food Miles

We aim to keep food miles to a minimum; we actively grow and produce ourselves; bake all our own breads; and butcher most of our meats. More than 80% of the produce served in our farm-to-table restaurants has traveled less than 30km from the grower to our kitchens.

Alien Vegetation Programme

The clearing of 500 hectares of alien vegetation has had a significant and positive impact on the bird life, the free movement of wildlife and most noticeably on the flow of the small rivers that are fed by the mountains.

Four big streams now flow all year round; before we cleared the vegetation they were dry for six months between November and May.

WWF Biodiversity and Wine Initiative

As a member of the WWF Biodiversity and Wine Initiative (BWI) we are actively conserving over 1000 hectares on land, protecting indigenous trees in the ravines and clearing vast areas of invasive alien vegetation to return the land to its original state.

Boschendal has earned WWF’s Conservation Champion status, this is awarded to South African wine farms that are committed to addressing environmental concerns in a holistic manner, and meet a set of rigorous conservation criteria.

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Water Saving Strategies

Water saving strategies include removing invasive alien trees and plants thereby liberating a natural water supply; investing in conservation efficient irrigation systems for our vineyards and fruit trees; and using cover crops which also preserve soil moisture.

Silvermine Protection Services

A start up entrepreneurial business supported by Boschendal, this security/guarding company now employs 48 people and its clients include the Boschendal and Delta Crest estates. In addition to routine patrols and guarding activities, they provide security for special events and functions.

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Integri Eggs

A start up entrepreneurial business supported by Boschendal, this free-range egg and chicken enterprise produces 8,000 eggs and 2000 broiler chickens per month, all nurtured on the natural pastures on Boschendal. Apart from supplying Boschendal and premier wineland restaurants, they also supply Spar Western Cape, The One And Only Hotel, Organic Zone, Ethical Co-Op and Think Organic.

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Classic Furniture

Run by a master craftsman working at Boschendal, this enterprise has produced furniture for The Werf Restaurant, The Manor House, the accommodation facilities and the conference centre.

​WIETA Ethical Trade Seal

A selection of Boschendal wines from our Reserve Collection, Elgin Appellation Series and 1685 range have qualified to sport the Wine Industry Ethical Trade Association (WIETA) ethical trade seal. This seal is awarded for production integrity around fair labour practices.